Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Traffic Light

Ciao fellow followers! I'm so happy right now because I am currently free from all assignments, exams, and Mr. Never-Ending-List! :) and I'm having my Lebaran break for 2 weeks. Why I titled this post as 'The Traffic Light'? Because the outfit I'm wearing was inspired by the color of traffic light; which is Red, Yellow, and Green. I wish you have a good time reading this post! :)
Isn't the park lovely?
This platform shoes are from Decimal Shoes. They are just adorable, aren't they? You can check their website here.
I ate Ramen. Yumm!

I had so much fun!

Attention guys: I'll be leaving for Australia tomorrow. So I'll not be posting anything for next week. But I promise I'll make new post as soon as I came back. Happy Holiday fellas!


zizi bloom said...

Love your blog!

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I'll follow you back. :)

Nixie Pyrena said...

nice shoes dear !
those ramen pics make me craving for it. hahaha.

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Peiyinn said...

Glad that you have so much fun. Cute outfit! :D

Nicola said...

cute outfit...following you:)

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...

Creative! Traffic signal lights .I love your shoes and skirt most .
Thanks for your comment on my blog .Following you .

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Sabrina T. said...

love this color block..:)

Patchwork à Porter

Daphne said...

I love the color-blocking effect!!! Very lovely! :)

Reflect and Fancy said...

hi! I followed! nice cap by the way..

follow too?

Amanda said...

Oh I love the short/skirt =) yes I will follow you for sure =)

Yoanda Pragita said...

is that a short? or a skirt? whatever it is, it's so cute! :D

thank you for visiting my blog, dear.. and yes, I'll do follow you ;)

Eva Silviana said...

Lovely outfit!
Thanks for dropping by on my blog dear :)

crunchy cheese me

Sarin Aladadi said...

Omg! ramen and macarons my two most favorites! and on top of all of that you're wearing SUCH a cute outfit!<3 thanks lovely for following! Ill keep you posted on some new pics! And you keep me posted with your cute posts! (:

Your Followers,
Sarin <3

Alba M said...

Hi Hi... I followed you <3 Follow me back

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ said...


Myrted said...

Hello there! I love ramen too. Your picture effect of b&w background is nice.
I'm follwing you. Follow me too? Kisses.

lhamo Mashutzo said...

thank you for dropping by my blog..
i am following you now..
take care

Teddi said...

mitha, you look adorable in that red, yellow, & green color blocked outfit! i like the reflection in your pretty, black mary jane shoes. very cute red hat! have fun in austraila!

Sabrina T. said...

sure dear, i'm already following u!!
follow back:)i wait u!

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Diva In Me said...

Happy holidays!! Hope you had lotsa fun! And thanks for dropping by at my blog =)

Jana said...

thank you for visiting my blog, following each other is a great idea :)

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A Heel in Mint said...

Love your look here. Beautiful colors. Have a wonderful vacation!

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My 2 Pesos said...

Now I want some Ramen. :D
Nice blog by the way.

Nikoll said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. Follow me a´m your follower your blog is perfect. This picture are pefect! :-)

♥byAnja said...

perfect outfit honey! i love every single thing!!

Holziepink said...

hello :) just wanted to thank you for commenting on my blog :D i really like the look of yours too - your outfit in this post is so cool, i never really understand clashing colours but you've made it look really good :)
im following you now, follow back? :)
Take care <3 Holz oxo

Modafobik said...

Heyyyy cong sweetie! i hope you will have a great time on holiday! Amazing shots as usual, younare so cute! Following, check out me? :)


The Dress Rules said...

Hiney you look so sweet!!! we like so much your hat! kisses Silvia and Chiara

Francesca R said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog! You look so cute!
I am following you now! I hope you'll follow back!

Usagi-Chan said...

have a nice time in Australia!
your outfit looks soo cute, love the concept of the traffic light ;)

The Cat Hag said...

I absolutely adore your outfit, you look super cute and colorful! :)

The Cat Hag
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love the colors! you look super adorable :))) i am now following and would love if you followed back :)))

Jay said...

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CutestPrincess said...

i really love your tri-color outfit! nice post!

It's a GIRL Thing

stephanie gracia said...

nice blog, and cute shoes! i just followed you :)

Mikimoto Angel said...

hey i love all your photos. Nice outfit. I love the beanie! have a nice trip to Aus. :-)

thanks for dropping by my blog. i'm following you now, i hope you follow back. :-)

Joy and Amore said...

such a cute color combination :) !
and lovely blog.

Cindy Karmoko said...

love your shoes!

ichabeldarmawan said...

u r such a baby doll! <3 :)

thanks for loving my blog, do follow me, n i'll fol u back,, :)
take care in Aussie, dear..

Icha from

Mai Linh said...

nice blog, i follow you!

Love, Mai Linh

Pratishtha Durga said...

Oh Mitha, the red cap is such a darling! Hope you have fun in Australia. Safe trip and loads of good wishes.

Will miss your posts, and will look forward to hearing from you soon. Have a fabulous week ahead.

decimal shoes said...

thank you for your post dear!
glad you like the shoes :D
Decimal Shoes

KizzyDoll said...

Looks lovely. Love ramen, yummy!! xx

soanthro said...

Love love love this outfit! Such great colors!! And so jealous of those pretty macarons :) Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, now following yours!


SASA said...

cute cute cute!! love your idea of red yellow green. lovely outfit and great edits. :D link each other? :)

Ayushma said...

I love your outfit and your foto editing are great. :)

Joy and Amore said...

new followers :) !

Baby Budget Blog said...

This is such an adorable outfit! LOVE the color of that skirt!!

Denise said...

I LOVE your shoes! And your hair is gorgeous! Love the color of you skirt as well :)

xx à la mode

Sunisún said...

I really like your combo of colors! Pretty trendy!
but... what i also really love is "des macarrones"! delicious!


Natalie Leung said...

what a very cute outfit, love the yellow, and the red beret!!

now following <3


Anonymous said...

Great post!! U look super cute in the last pic!

Have a look at my blog: we're looking for some fashion tips for this muggy days in Italy!!

Shirley said...

lovely hat!!!!

Ruth Arthasya said...

Love the outfit from head to toe.


michelle_ said...

Great beret !! Love it..

Leb die sekunde said...

What kept you cool and colorful, perfect for the last day of summer: X
Thanks for the blog comment: *
If you want we can follow each other:)

maggie said...

Love the skirt! It looks so comfy~ And the food looks just divine~
I'm following you now~ hope you follow back! ^^
xx maggie

Bang and Buck said...

gorgeous mint skirt!


Bang & Buck

piapia said...

so cuteeeee. love the color block :D

Caroline Robianto said...


Rebecca Clairine said...

cute outfit !
love ur hat <33


margaret cruzemark said...

Lovely look Juliet!!
Thanks so much for visiting and for your lovely comment on my blog!!!
Kisses and hugs
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

BobbieAustin27 said...

you look great, cute shoes
it looks like you had a lot of fun
cool blog :)

derek said...

haha you look adorable!!!
yum ramen!!! and macaroons!!
have a fun and safe trip to austrailia!!

stella lee said...

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care to join? ^^ thanks!

Clio said...

thx for leaving a not on my blog :)
and enjoy your post-exam break! one week left and then it's my turn for a break :)

LPFashionPhilosophy said...

Loving all the colors!! You mixed them all very well!! Really refreshing to see! And! The red hat looks super cute on you! We love this.


Jessica Paramartha said...

cute outfit and lovely shoes!!

xoxo, Jessica

Becky~ said...

Oh so pretty Mitha.Shoes I adore, love the red hat too.The ramen Im so hungry now haha.

Have a nice weekend!

dongala (wanderer) said...

thank u for dropping by my blog ..
following you now...