Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Frozen Flower

Sometimes humans are out of control and they speak what they don't mean to. Everyone had that moment of speaking when they were angry and regretted the speech they made afterwards. It can happen within ourselves and our parents, siblings, friends and lovers. We might expect people to handle us at our worst, but have you ever thought that we might be the only one left to hold ourselves that are full of emotion? At times, we blame other people too much to the point that we can't see the truth anymore. Be wise, reflect on ourselves, and learn to let go.
The mouth can speak both of life and death, love and hate, curse and blessing.
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Loving my asymmetrical peplum top from TB Dress, and not to mention my comfortable light-denim jeans from Hoodboyz UK.
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TB Dress top, Hoodboyz UK jeans, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag, Christian Louboutin heels

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer 2014 with Cloth Inc

To: Julian Tanoto, Fachda, Lizzie Parra, Olyvia Awuy, and Kevin Tanoto.
My summer has never been better - it was the time where everyone gets hyped up over. Sun-kissed hair, palm trees, salty air, ocean breeze.. What an endless summer.
It was exactly 10 o'clock when we arrived in the island and we couldn't believe our eyes, what a breath-taking scenery we saw. Our photographer shouted in astonishment, followed by the rest of the crew who were as excited. I smirked, "Summer has begun."
We made our way to our little home-stay where we could feel the warm yet frigid breeze within our skin. The people there welcomed us with their home-made Indonesian dishes and we devoured our mouth-watering found of the day. We directly did the make-up and hair-do since we all could not wait to enjoy our little getaway. Went there for work, but we actually had no stress and enjoyed every bit of the time passed.
Nonetheless the small trip brought the team closer than ever. The best highlight of our activities is our sleepless night sharing stories, gossiping, heart-to-heart talks - we all felt our little infinity could not get any better.
At our last moment before we departed, we walked along the beach where sunsets seem within reach, we searched for treasures in the sand, as we walk hand in hand while saying, "till next time, Summer."
I hope you love the result of Cloth Inc Summer 2014 collection, I bet you do! You can shop the collection now (hurry before everything is sold out!): www.clothinc-shop.com <3

Friday, July 11, 2014

Words That Can't Be Trusted

I used to live as a people-pleaser. It is difficult for me to say no when somebody asked for a help. But I started to realize that it was unhealthy.
Even though I believe in Karma, I don't think it works that way. You reap what you sow only applies if all of the parties involved are HAPPY.
When you help someone but you feel uneasy or it feels like you are being forced, then it just doesn't work. You can't stop thinking about when will things end - when it will never end unless you realize that you are not spreading love, but hatred. Hatred is what you sow, and you will not get anything back.
The first time they ask for help, they feel grateful. For the second time, they feel happy. The third time, they feel okay. And for the next consecutive time, they have considered it as a habit. They think they have the power to make things feel the same. And from that time onwards, whenever they say thank you, it is not a form of appreciation and gratefulness; it is simply a routine.
Learn to say no when you can't deal with the hardship. People who love you for who you are and truly want you to be around them are those who don't take benefit of what you have, but they are those people who think what they can give for you.
And they are truly the best kind of people who make you sincerely happy.
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Don't you love my midi skirt from LO by Lovita Hilman? The print is super pretty right? I can imagine myself wearing heaps of outfit using the skirt.
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Zara top, LO by Lovita Hilman skirt, Balenciaga bracelet, Céline bag, Charlotte Olympia heels