Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer 2014 with Cloth Inc

To: Julian Tanoto, Fachda, Lizzie Parra, Olyvia Awuy, and Kevin Tanoto.
My summer has never been better - it was the time where everyone gets hyped up over. Sun-kissed hair, palm trees, salty air, ocean breeze.. What an endless summer.
It was exactly 10 o'clock when we arrived in the island and we couldn't believe our eyes, what a breath-taking scenery we saw. Our photographer shouted in astonishment, followed by the rest of the crew who were as excited. I smirked, "Summer has begun."
We made our way to our little home-stay where we could feel the warm yet frigid breeze within our skin. The people there welcomed us with their home-made Indonesian dishes and we devoured our mouth-watering found of the day. We directly did the make-up and hair-do since we all could not wait to enjoy our little getaway. Went there for work, but we actually had no stress and enjoyed every bit of the time passed.
Nonetheless the small trip brought the team closer than ever. The best highlight of our activities is our sleepless night sharing stories, gossiping, heart-to-heart talks - we all felt our little infinity could not get any better.
At our last moment before we departed, we walked along the beach where sunsets seem within reach, we searched for treasures in the sand, as we walk hand in hand while saying, "till next time, Summer."
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