Sunday, October 30, 2011

Under The Mistletoe

mistletoe |ˈmisəlˌtō|
a leathery-leaved parasitic plant that grows on apple, oak, and other broadleaf trees and bears white glutinous berries in winter.
I know its not Winter yet, but I can't help myself to not use this title, don't even know why. :) By the way, 2011 is going real fast, without even realizing, November is coming in a couple of days. The future is undoubtedly scary, I feel like I'm not brave and mature enough to walk on my own path.. I just wanna be forever young.
Backstage photos!

Do I look fierce enough?

Someone should make a light dslr...

I know this is a very long post.. But I hope you enjoy! :)

Photoworks by: Suke and Ricky


ChiChi81 said...

Lovely photos, girl! Love the poses, they are indeed quite fierce :) And I simply adore the brown leather jacket, love the cut and the colour.


A Single Girl's Musings

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I wanna be young forever too....growing up sucks xxx

dimitri said...

Your photos are really great.
Nice outfit, beautiful combination of colors.

Winda Tiodang said...

i really wish you to follow my blog back

rhiannonvic said...

Pretty pictures, love your outfit. Your shorts are so cute! xx

Sabrina T. said...

love the color pants:)
new on mine..kiss

Patchwork à porter

amalia said...

You are so cute:)I love your shorts :*

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and on-line store !! :)

Piksty said...

Cute outfit...I really like your photos.

Piksty :-)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Love the bold color of these shorts and your eye make up! And this photo is just beyond awesome in my opinion, you look stunning here:

Minna said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures! Love your headband and shorts! ♥ xx

Teddi said...

i want your headband! terrific photos. my favorite are all the ones, where you are sitting down.

Miss Starshiny said...

I like mint colour a lot!
warm weather!
Miss Starshiny

Maiken said...

I certainly enjoyed all your photos! it's a pleasure to watch these anyway ;) and I also like the outfit very much!

laura said...

the shorts are adorable! totally agree with you-- 2011 is going so fast!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

maggie said...

So pretty! And don't worry, growing up is always scary -- you just need to take the plunge.

xx maggie

Winnie said...

Love those shorts, I love how vibrant these shots are!

April Cheung said...

cute! love the color of your shorts.

Emma, Ella! said...

Pretty photos, great jacket!!!

xo Emma

Lizzie said...

These photos are fantastic! I love the shorts, headband and your rings so awesome!


inmyhansonshirt said...

These photos are just beautiful. I love the colours you're wearing! So pretty! And I agree - 2011 is going by so so fast!


My friend has been doing that floral headband like hardcore these days. We are even thinking of selling her creations. I'll keep you noted!



The Reflets Etincelants said...

nice outfit :)
mind to follow back dear <3

Bubble My Licorice said...

you look really cute
i like the outfit!

The Cat Hag said...

Love your head piece, you look so bohemian extremely pretty! :)

I am so much older than you, but I still feel like a kid sometimes, it's good to never grow up hehe.

The Cat Hag

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Beautiful! x

xStroutx said...

You're so cute! and I love the colour of your shorts!

Vasu said...

great photos, love the outfit, indeed this year is going fast..and soon it will be Christmas :)

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

These photos are amazing and I love your green shorts!


Fictitious Fashion said...

I like your headband and bead accessories.. u look v cute

You can now follow me on Facebook too


Vee said...

I wish that time wuldnt fly so fast too ! I feel like I'm getting old but havent accomplished anything yet ! It's a weird feeling. Just need to work hard, make it happen takes time =) I'm too impatient ! at least I'll be seeing my family for Xmas soon =) !

lovely post and outfit =) you're really pretty !

xxx Vee

Denise Pacurar said...

Beautiful photos and I love the mint green shorts!!!!

xoxo Denise

Tonkow said...


jess said...

I love the shorts.

Paulina Mo said...

I love your shorts, in particular the color :) super cute!!


C & M said...

I loveee your shorts! the colours is amazing!

( elisse ) said...

Love the mint-colored shorts - great outfit, girl!

♪DeAr♪ said...

I've got a similar headband! Nice photo shoots as always :)

SASA said...

you look really pretty dear. <3

Tiffany said...

Me too. I also want to stay young forever. hehe..
Love your pant and wreath flower, looks good on you :)

Miss Starshiny said...

Thank you for your comment!
I'm already your follower!
Miss Starshiny

Bubble My Licorice said...

we just followed you! :)

BETABOOMblog said...

nice pictures!! and nice OUTFIT!

follow you


Fashion With Ellie said...

amazing photos!!!

Molly said...

Very pretty and whimsical! You could be a model!

Fictitious Fashion said...

I have commented here before.. so just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.. Means a lot :)
You can join me on Facebook too :)


Caroline Robianto said...

cute shorts :D


Bella said...

You have great blog and such a lovely style! :) I'm following you, now! :)

seren dipity said...

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! Great outfit, I'm loving the colour of the shorts!

kira said...

great colors! love the styling

Monday Receptionist said...

Gorgeous outfit, beautiful pictures x

Disturbed Style said...

Wow! Great blog and photos! I love it :)

The Reflets Etincelants said...

I've followed you dear. the one who named "felicia<3"
mind to follow back :)

look-scout said...

Perfect! the pants look fantatsic. SO amazing pictures. You got a new fan. I follow you now. Visit me and follow back :)

dina vanessa mercado said...

nice pictures!! your outfit is lovely, you looked great... kissess!!!

blueberryglaze said...

Love the color of those shorts! And Yes you do look fierce. Definitely following you!

fashioneggpplant said...

you look so cute! great pics :)

michellehendra said...

i love your pants..


Marielleheart said...

Thanks for the comment sweety! I would love to follow each other, now following you, follow back? x

Cuquete said...

Amazing post! I really love your post!

Gaby de Modacapital said...

I love your look! the jacket is stunning... Love the combination!

Ladyulia said...

hey there,,,
salam kenal ya :)
I think this is my first time visiting yours :)
I heart your pants
the color is lovely :)

Gabriella Olivia said...

mitha! i love this post! your outfit and photos are just lovely <3

Shara said...

loooove the colour of ur shorts:(great!kisses

La Folie 

Anonymous said...

I love the outfits, so lovely !! <3

I'm following you now!!

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I'm a new blogger :)Keep in touch.

Fashion With Ellie said...

Thank you for your comment:) I am now following you. I'm going to follow you on twitter as well:)

Mon said...

Thanks for your comment ilove your blog too!
I follow you nooow

Olga Shevchuk said...

Very very nice))

MARIEKE said...

waauw, you're soo pretty!
love the photo's!

Bubbles&PolkaDots said...

Nice pictures of MY city!!!!! Lyon is fabulous! Enjoy! ;)

Kamila said...

hi !!
thank u for your lovel comment!
I love your blog and I follow you!!! I hope you follow me back :)

xoxo Kami

mymy said...

beautiful photos girl! I like your headband (too cute) and shorts ! the color is great!
and of course u look fierce ;-)

Mónica C. Welton said...

great short love that color!


Alba said...

Pretty! I love your shorts. Cute pics. xoxo

TheSanctuary said...

Awwwww i love your head piece and your shorts. So chic.... Love it. Great photos

I'm following you. Pls check put my new blog.


Sidney Salim said...

Wow! I just came across your blog. You look stunning!
I love your style very much. Great outfit.
I'm following you right away, dear :)
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Pratishtha Durga said...

Fierce? Ummm... more like an urban Pocahontas... Love your shorts and your hairband.

Živilė said...

love the color of your shorts!


Tereza {Drastic Plastic} said...

I love your jacket and your camera :).
Thank you for the message, I would love to follow each other.

Cliff said...

I looove your style, it's always so cute and playful. And I love the photographs so much, the scenery is soooo beautiful! :D


caise said...

you look stunning! I love your hair

Ruth Arthasya said...

Look fierce? Yes, but it doesn't reduce your coolness. Rock you girl <3

Miriam Stella said...

beautifull pictures! i loooove your style! i like shorts!
Nice blog!
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You are so pretty :) I love the setting of your shoot. It'll be lovely if we could follow each other! I am following you now :)

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Anonymous said...

wow ~ very pretty photography and such cute outfit! love the shorts!

J <3

the-caramel-lady said...

Wouawww, great photos!!! xxxxx

Carrie said...

i don't know why but i kind of can't wait to grow up! i'm just so over high school. i want to get to college already. but i know that once i'm there, i'll be begging to go back. funny how life works.

great photoshoot! love your outfit and those bright shorts. :D


independent living said...

Like your outfit!!

Elisa said...

nice pics!! love the shorts!
please visit my blog and follow if you like!!! thanks

Karina Dinda R. said...

Hello pretty! You have a great blog :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

Karina Dinda R. ♥

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

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Momo said...

I'm following you now =) Hope you back ~

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Skinny Jeans said...

Cute pictures & outfit as well!

Malika & Hanae

alex said...

wow love your outfit! the colors work with each other really well and your accessories are really cute ^_^

Markéta said...

You are so beautiful and I really like your style.
Great photos.