Saturday, December 17, 2011

Autumn Wipe Out

Hi! I am so thankful that I got the third rank in my class, I hope I will do better in the next term. Anyway, I attended a Blogger Yard Sale: Autumn Wipe Out with Gaby and Mei this morning in Sonia Eryka's heavenly cafe, Ninotchka. We gather, buy clothes, and eat. Ninotchka serves a stack of appealing food and desserts, a must visit cafe. Here are some pictures of me having pleasure. Attention: this post consists heaps of photos, it will take a while to load so be patient ;)
The most favorite Chocolate Lava Cake!
Seeking for cute accessories ;)
The lovely owner, Sonia Eryka from The Riotous Belle :)
The most beautiful Anastasia Siantar from Brown Platform
The mind-blowing and friendly Lalita Tian
The stunning Marcella Caroline from Footloose & Fancyfree


dimitri said...

Great post, all is very nice.
Your outfit is so perfect. Your shirt and your shoes are really pretty.

Mannequins Dream said...

your outfit is so cute! and all the food looks delicious!! :P Xx

Cliff said...

Seriously I looove your style! :D


Stella said...

Nice pics!

petit-oiseau said...

Great post!

Adam said...

cool little shop, and nice outfit

Fictitious Fashion said...

wow.. 3rd??? dats cool :)
Hey thanks fr visiting my blog.. I love Heidi so much :D

Marissa D said...

i'm so jealous there are no yard sales in my place :-\

i really love love love ur style,gorgeous :-) i follow u ,follow back if u want;-)

maggie said...

Love your outfit, it's very cute. And the pastries and drinks look just amazing <3
Congrats on getting 3rd place in your class!

xx maggie

Anonymous said...

Nice images. (:

Tiffany said...

thanks for the comment on my blog! love yours too
yes for sure..I just followed you, hope you follow back :)

Jamie Rose said...

All of the food pictures are making me hungry they look so good! Your outfit is awesome too. I love the high-waisted shorts and polka dot top.

inmyhansonshirt said...

That is fantastic! This looks like such a fun time!

makeupandpearls said...

i'm so jealous - looks like a great time!

Aya Smith said...

GAH, I feel like I'm being tutored! I am literally salivated. I want to try that chocolate-y thing so bad!

Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

Charlotte's House said...

Nice outfit and photography!!!
I really enjoy your blog (have checked it up for a few times already) and I follow you!
I'd more than happy if you follow me back and we can keep in touch!
Have a nice week!

Girl With Plastic Camera said...

thank you Mitha! we must hang out together again ASAP! YAY!

Teddi said...

mitha's looking dynamite, like minnie mouse. those sweet treats look divine!

Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

nice post! ahhhh sedih gak bisa ikutan gara2 ujan n ga ada yg anter :( have a nice one there! ^^

dina vanessa mercado said...

congrats!!! you deserve it.. nice pics too.. your very pretty, love your outfit!!!

visit my blog for my christmas giveaway!!!


m i s s . t e a said...

congrats on your ranking! I really like your fringe and your polkadot shirt is such a good layering item :D xx misstea & co.

nitika said...

hey great pictures!! Loved ur blog name..

PS- a new follower at your blog.. Would you like to follow back??

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Super cute top! And those cupcakes look lovely!

Karina Dinda R. said...

I wanna go to there too :(

Karina Dinda R. ♥

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

cupcakes! :)


Great pictures + i really love your Outfit .. LG DENISE

Cee Harvey said...

great pictures!
and thanks for your comment on my blog

Serendipity Style Blog

Veronika said...

Thank you for your sweet comment dear :). I love your blog, great pictures and lovely outfits!
Kisses, Veronika

Catherine said...

looks good !

Maiken said...

you looked great, as always :)
and I totally enjoyed going through all those photos. btw, those with food made me kind of hungry although I just ate some yummy ice cream :D

Maikeni blogi - part of me

Ceciliaefendy said...

Congrats :D Third rank is awesome!
Envy u attended Autumn Wipe Out T-T
I want to live in jkt tooooo

le sorelle said...

Ahh I'm so jealous of those delicious looking desserts! Congratulations on school! :)


Vivid Virginia said...

The photos are so great :)

Pratishtha Durga said...

Love the pictures. the desserts look so delicious! You look so adorable!

Lyosha said...

lovely outfit! you look soo adorable!
looks like you had a great time there!

Inside and Outside Blog

P.S. deeply in love with your blog and can't get enough of it - so I decided to follow you

Wye said...

Cupcakes and shopping + that's just a fabulous day.


michellehendra said...


Misseblog said...

Looks like a great day. Those cupcakes looked delish.

Thanks for the lovely comment, your blog is so cute. Following :) xx

Mileide Almeida said...

I love pictures of cool places! that your shirt is beautiful! Love Polka!

CILLA B said...

that polka dots shirt is gorgeous great ensemble

maja said...

thank you! and thanks for your opinion :)

and I love your blog, too! following you now :)

p.s. the cupcakes look delicious!:D

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Congrats on doing well in class!! Liking your shorts :)

Rakhshan said...

blogger yard sale!!? sounds interesting!
did you get anything? :)
love your polka do shirt and your bag!
thanks for your lovely comment on my blog:)
following you now xx

Lovelyladyjb said...

wow looks like a blast!

new follower :)

Fenny said...

i want to go there soo muchh!! so envyyyyy!
nice post, lovely pic :D

Grace Saraswati said...

wow you've had a really good time there ♥

mind to follow each other?

Joyce said...

aww i love your red shoes and the red polka dot jacket you're wearing. you look so cute :DD seems so fun to attend a blogger sale~ hahah must've been cool to actually meet bloggers in real life hahah! gosh you are tempting me with those pics of food and beverages at the cafe.. really looks like so much fun! glad to hear you enjoyed it :D


BlueVanilla said...

Great photos! Love the polka dot top!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

Looks like such a fun time! Your outfit is so chic too, you girls are beautiful and stylish!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your third ranking! You're so smart! This looks like such a fun day out. :) I have those Hello Kitty Polaroids... I bought them in Korea!! xxx

Susu Paris Chic said...

Hello Cutie-Sweetie!

How glad I am that you popped in on my blog and left a comment!

You seem to have your unique style down. And be living a full life. Having fun and getting around to sweet events. I encourage you to keep on dancing... let your creativity out more and more! There is no limit to what you can do!


Antonia said...

It seems like you had a great day, lovely pics!


JULIANE said...

love your jacket :)

mari b. said...

your outfit is oh so adorable - the polka-dotted blouse absolutely brilliant.

xx //

nitika said...

Inviting you to take part in my International Giveaway-


Fictitious Fashion said...

Hey babes.. I want to thank you for participating in my giveaway.. Means a lot ^^

New post~ Christmas Nails: DIY

My First INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAYcelebrating 100 followers :)

Rianna Bethany said...

Hey, thanks for your comment, I am now following you, follow back xxxxxx

Rianna xx

Vonny said...

nice to know your blog :D cute outfit :D

Jana K. said...

cute outfit!! those treats look super yummy too


Henny Vitri said...

envy! ;D
where did you get your wedges? that looks great.

Bonnie said...

This looks like it was so much fun! I bet you had the best time. I love your outfit. Those shoes are adorable.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

joannade said...

I like places like this. Sweet and with clothes! :D :) good place to have a good time with friends :))What did you buy there? :) I see that there was very nice stuff!

styleforlife said...

So cool!!! Thanks for finding me and commenting.
Following you. Do follow back!!! :-)
XXXX Emily of ELVintage

Susie Heymer said...

I loved the photos!
You must have fun!
I loved her look! And each delicious food!
Have a beautiful day!

Mileide Almeida said...

these days I saw a shirt like yours, I remembered you!

Junah Cagang said...

lovely photos!
Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

check out my blog and follow if you like:

Michaela Scalisi said...

so lovely :)

My blog
xx Michaela

Hi! I'm LiLi! said...

lovely ensemble. love red and dots. i made my daughter a handmade hand carry red and white dots bag when she went to Disney. It reminded me of your shirt. :) Check it HERE!

Thinking Out Loud

JustPatience said...

Great photography. Love the polka dot blouse.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

aww you went there! i planned on going there that day to have a taste of the chocolate lava, but as soon as i found out the garage sale was held that day my friends had to cancel because we weren't exactly up for such packed event :( i hope you purchased some great stuffs, and glad you had a great time!



Laras Arum said...

love your look.great polka top and shoes

Selma Selimovic said...

Your outfit is so cute. Love the red doted shirt.
Like a mushroom.

Anonymous said...

A blogger yard sale... THATS SOOOO COOOOL! I wish I was there.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE your outfit. The shorts and red caridgan especially!!! so PRETTY!

Shirley said...

great pictures, i wish i can attend the events!
i just following u dear, would u mind to follow back?
take care!

all time long.. me. said...

gorgeous outffit!


i was there too! that was awesome. btw, nice outfit! :)

ankyl said...

great pictures ;)

Mycha said...

WoW :D Great food ^^ MM... Delicious! :*

PinkAlice said...


Krimly said...

beautiful photos!!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm from Poland. Your blog is fantastic! :)
I invite you to my blog :)!

feH said...

Love this post :DD
We can follow each other with pleasure, I'm following you ;)

FOLLOWPIX - Anna Pitto said...

Hi Mitha! how many beautiful pics here! love the red shoes <3<3 :-D thanks for your sweet comment! of course we can follow each other! I started first! :-) So....wait for you in my followers too :-D


alex said...

wow! 3rd rank in class! that's amazing!!! and cool, a blogger yard sale? i wish there was one around me! wow, that looks like tons of fun and yummy food! digging your mini mouse inspired outfit! you really love her don't you ;D looks good on you!

Ivy Sie said...

Cute outfit! And nice pictures :D
The food looks yummyy!

Followed you:) :)

akiko hiramatsu said...

Hi, Mitha!!
I don't know Ninotchka, and want to go there.
Your cloth's dots are very very pretty!
I remember my Minnie Mouse doll I had 10 years ago.

see you!

akiko from Japan

Kate L. said...

Hi sweetie, I really love your polka dot shirt! Thanks for following me and I follow you back:)


sajuki said...

love your look :)

Stevia said...

Looks lika a fun event
and I've been dying to visit Ninotchka! :)
you look darling in red <3

Annie said...

That polka dot top is amazing! You look so cute :)

The Other Side of Gray

Earth VS Air said...

i love your jacket xxx

Aśka said...

Beautiful pictures! I invite you to me:)

Fictitious Fashion said...

Hey I have nominated you as a Versatile Blogger!
Congratulations :)
Click here to accept it.

Keep up the good work :)


Mani said...

Oh my, I loooove everything on you! Well put together and it looks very stylish and cool!


Anita said...

Lovely blog.

michelle_ said...

the bazaar looks fun !!


Lipsy said...

Superlove the polka dots on you....Amazingly beautiful pics

Jo Bao said...

That's awesome :) what a fabulous adventure that you had, sounds like fun and all those treats look so tasty!

I really like your outfit, it stood out quite well in the crowd! <3

Jo Bao ♥

Jessica Paramartha said...
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Jessica Paramartha said...

aah really love ur outfit mitha, u look so cute! too bad i can attend this event, even i want it to attend :(

do you mind if you join my iwearup giveaway?
xoxo, Jessica

Ivy Sie said...

I'm having my first giveaway on my blog :) would you like to join? <3


Mónica C. Welton said...

yum & great look!

Merry X-mas,

Page Song said...

you have a lovely blog!!! :)

Anastasia Siantar said...

thank you for coming =)

just claudia said...

Minnie Mouse ! :D Nice look. . . and nice blog ! I'm following you.

Kat said...

love your blog and you introduction is awesome: "You are not a shopaholic. You are just stimulating the economy" haha very good!

Anonymous said...

love it! your style is so cute!


vonnie said...

VERY cool. Wish we had stuff like there where I live~

vonnie <3

Belvin said...

nice event<3

Julian Tanoto said...

I wanted to go there too but I got no time at that time):
looks it was a super fun garage sale <3

Journal J

Cindy Karmoko said...

i really miss ninotchka!

Anonymous said...

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