Saturday, July 07, 2012

How to Pick the Perfect Outfit

Not every woman will have the opportunity to enjoy the full red carpet, opening night, celebrity-starred experience. But almost everybody has a number of special events that crop up from time to time – the perfect excuse to splash out on a little something extra to add to the wardrobe.

Whether it’s a special family birthday, Lady’s Day at the races, a formal awards ceremony, a charity dinner, or simply a very special night out on the town with a loved one, something sleek, sophisticated and special can be called for at any time – and usually when you least expect it.

Of course, the perfect dress for that particular special occasion will be as unique as the woman wearing it. Formal dresses are often designed using more expensive fabrics like satin, silk or velvet, and by their nature are worn infrequently – sometimes only once. This makes it all the more important to make the right choice every time.

Where occasion dresses are concerned, the main secret to choosing the right one is to recognise what particular kind of style suits your body. From pencil dresses to long evening gowns, long sleeves to 50’s style funnel necks, daringly low-cut designer specials to the classic little black cocktail dress – there is such a wide range of options available, that even the most demanding imagination will be satisfied.

It’s also worth thinking about accessories right from the start, as they are the all-important additional details which can make or break the whole ensemble. A neutral or black dress can be offset with different kinds of colourful pieces to give contrast to the overall effect of the outfit.

The perfect dress will provide an excellent excuse to give that special piece of jewellery a rare outing. Hats and fascinators are also great for making a bold fashion statement. And the humble handbag takes on a whole new level as part of such an occasion.

But, of course, the most important accessory of all is also the most crucial part of the package, after the dress itself – a pair of glamorous, head-turning heels.

Choosing the wrong pair of shoes can nullify the effect of everything else – as can not being able to walk in them properly! The height of the heel should be carefully chosen to work with the hem height of the dress, and if the dress itself is reflective of a particular era, the shoes should be based on the styles of a similar year.