Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Inimical Bead

Last Thursday I went to Bobabits with Mei. I can't get enough of her shaved hair, it was rad! Both of us ordered pudding as the topping instead of bubbles, we wanted to try something new. But I assure you that nothing can replace bubbles. I want to try Ochado anyway but sadly it doesn't serve food. Well, everyone says it tastes heaven but I have not gotten the chance yet! Today I went to Bobabits again with my sister, actually I'm afraid with the issue which says that those bubbles contain chemicals which can cause cancer. When I heard it I was like "OMG WHY BUBBLE TEA!?" T___T maybe what people say is true, anything that has mouth-watering flavor is always bad for the health. So guys, if you are addicted to bubble tea, make sure you consume a lot of fruits and vegetables ^^