Saturday, October 13, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Market 2012

I went to JFM '12 with Mei. Attending the event because one of my blogger fellas, ci Lita opened up a booth selling her pretty pastries like macaroons, cupcakes, cookies, and many more! We helped her too by offering it to anyone we saw in the mall to exaggerate more sales. However there are many other booths which sell fashion apparels in a cheap price, they were nice to look at! Another event I won't forget for sure! Anyways if you feel like buying ci Lita's goodies, you can get more info on her facebook page here.DSC_7082 DSC_7149 DSC_7141 DSC_7077 DSC_7078 DSC_7145 DSC_7136 DSC_7148 DSC_7135 DSC_7153 DSC_7164 DSC_7091 DSC_7160