Sunday, October 21, 2012

(X)S.M.L - Tomorrow Land

I went to (X)S.M.L fashion show which released their new F/W 2013 collection which is entitled Tomorrow Land. And as the title said, the show was made as futuristic as possible, from the entrance door to the visual image of the show. Not to mention the collection, dull and soft colors are applied on the clothes, posh and chic apparels with a whimsical and playful effect. Anyways I went there with Gaby, met our boss Owen there. Sad to say that Rosa and Mei could not join the fun, so another invitation was wasted. To sum up, the annual event of (X)S.M.L was superb, I love everything that was there except the crowd - which shows that a lot of people who were invited respect the brand. IMG_6094 DSC_7904 DSC_7906 DSC_8102 DSC_8041 DSC_8110 DSC_8113 DSC_8073 DSC_8082 DSC_8090 DSC_8060 DSC_8065 DSC_8069 DSC_8045 DSC_8054 DSC_8057 DSC_8000 DSC_8010 DSC_8012 DSC_8036