Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project One

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I like their collection! Very simple but still makes them look chic and mature. I love how the drapery adds a modern twist to the apparels so it won't be just plain. And loving the idea of adding patterns to the apparels because it adds a sense of Indonesia.
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Combining playful and youthful basic apparels makes it Monday to Sunday! I looove how fresh and young the apparels are, adding flower crowns as the head accessories complete the quirky look. Even so, it is not so feminine because of the boyish touch from the oxford shoes. Simply loving it!

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If you look closer into the detail of each apparel, the cutting is unusual that makes the collection stands out and stylish! I really love the femininity of each apparel, along with the girly colors applied, I think they are perfect to be worn for a date! Love love!
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Danjyo Hiyoji has always been one of my favorites! Just take a look of how cool those asymmetric-printed suits and shirts are, number one perfection. And I can't get my eyes off the super flared leather skirt, very pretty and offbeat at the same time. Adding an edgy twist has always been the Danjyo Hiyoji's style. Applause!
Visit Project One at EX - Plaza Indonesia, they are on the ground floor!