Sunday, June 09, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Rudy Chandra

I really love it when Indonesia's traditional pattern and fabrics are mixed and added with a touch of modern and digital. The collection is just fabulous, and shows that you won't look old by using traditional fabrics. Just how more sophisticated and chic can this collection be, I really got my eyes on those peplum loves, aren't they so pretty? With luxurious fabrics and colors with classic patterns and contemporary cutting, I can't expect any better from the collection.

BEAUTY DIARY by Rudy Chandra
1D9A3065 1D9A3075 1D9A3082 1D9A3085 1D9A3089 1D9A3097 1D9A3101 1D9A3104 1D9A3127 1D9A3129