Monday, September 09, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 3: Deluxe by Hengki Kawilarang

Inspired by a busy metropolitan city that has different people with different characteristic, the designer makes a ready-to-wear yet exclusive pieces under his Deluxe line. The Fall/Winter colors are expressed by the use of colors such as purple, dark blue, black, gray, green, and a bit of maroon & blue. With a lesser use of sequins and embroideries, the designer tried to create something different than his past collection. A less complex silhouettes was shown in maxi dresses, palazzo pants, jackets, blouses, and mini dresses. Even though he came with simpler silhouettes, his glamor sense in every collection is still there. The use of fabrics such as silk, polyester, wool, and cotton that are easy to take care of are beautified with a touch of sequins and beading. The designer plays with beautiful textures without any exaggerated details so the apparels can be taken care easily.
URBAN SENJA by Deluxe by Hengki Kawilarang
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