Monday, November 25, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2014 - Day 1: Fashion Forward I

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The mood starts pale and as time goes by, colorful prints are fulfilling the runway. Always has been effortless yet trendy and eye-catchy, Major Minor is definitely one of my favorite RTW brands. And I got so much love for the newest collection and can't wait for them to be in store! Did you see those strappy sandals and heels? They are definitely major. 
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These Indonesian talents are truly ripping my pocket off. I remember my first time watching Friederich Herman's show last year, the collection has grown way better and much more clean and sophisticated. Unexpected and unusual cutting on basic pieces are the perfect twist on the collection. Making it more different, still wearable yet unique at the same time. Combining black, white, gray, and purple has never been any cooler. 
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Edgy yet still smooth and effortless are the key point of Jeffry Tan's collection as I observe. I particularly love how he combines both element of RTW and evening wear into a stunning range of collection. For those daring and meant-to-be-different women out there, these clothes are definitely you.