Tuesday, February 25, 2014

WakuWaku Japan TV: flumpool - Special Live 2011

So have you guys watched WAKUWAKU Japan channel (it is available in Indovision and Okevision by the way..)? The first program that I watched two days ago (Saturday, 22nd February at 8.30 p.m.) was flumpool Special Live 2011 that was held at Saitama Super Arena, it seems like I have not gotten enough fangirling time from the last event. 
Click here to see their available program and schedule !
They sang their famous tracklist such as Two of Us, Snowy Nights Serenade, Akashi, etc. The show started with dozens of red balloon toward the audience, I can't believe how much crowd the show carried.
There was this music act where there are 2 guys who act like Charlie Chaplin with white masks, it was really superb!
What I noticed was that this boyband loves to have a fire act and red lighting on most of its performance, perhaps to compliment their hotness? ;)
My most favorite permance was when they sang Hana ni Nare, I think it was about reliving a childhood dream. It was a very sentimental and touching song, fits me so well I guess.. 
Kalian dapat berpartisipasi dalam WAKUWAKU JAPAN dengan cara menonton program-program yang tersedia dan share pengalaman kalian ke emailku. Let's trade information guys! :)