Monday, February 24, 2014

South Korea: Ain't only K-Pop

SOUTH KOREA. I would say "nuff said." but I know that not everyone here is a hardcore fan like I am. So I'm gonna share a bit of my trip.
Hmm, there are so many things that I would like to tell but I don't know where to begin. Before making this post, I promised myself just to upload 8 to 10 pictures but then I ended up with 50++, and I realized there is no any effin way to sum up South Korea in just 10 pictures... So I told my sis to select her favorites and deleted what she dislikes, and I am here ending up with sixteen. A good number, eh?
And no I'm not gonna post any second part or whatever because I like to keep the rest private, you can see a bit more on my Instagram though. I was in a private tour and was there with my whole family for 9 days, definitely not enough though. I will talk by the pictures so let's start! :)
So who is a fan of Winter Sonata here? I'm their huge huge fan, watched the drama since I was a 7 years old kid till now.
Met this cutie pie inside the Everland bus :)
Hahahaha I did not do ski :) Wasn't ready, but in the future I will! The shoes and other equipments were so heavy and everyone walked like those robots in movies..
Kimchi school aka learning how to make kimchi, ain't as easy as it looks but my mom was so pro at it.. By the way the ahjumma was the tutor and the pretty eonnie was my tour leader.
This ride was terrifying at first but afterwards I couldn't stop queuing for it!
Rented traditional Korean hanbok and took a few shots with it :)
This is pretty sweet of the couple right? It was just a random tree btw!
I miss Mackerelssss.. where can I find it in Indo?
Road trip, I forgot where were we heading to..
Gangnam street! OH I MISS THIS. PERIOD.
The taxis here are safe since there is only 1 taxi company sooo.. I didn't get the chance to use underground trains since I was in a tour. My sis and I sneaked out from the tour so we could explore more modern places and this was our first and last taxi at that time (cus tours provide buses).
Me and bingsoooo :) Ci Carol from The Sour Cherry didn't lie when she said no bingsoo could ever replace authentic Korea bingsoos.
Visited CUBE Cafe just because my sis is a fan of B2ST..
Accidentally found a quiet and empty indoor garden in Dongdaemun.
N Seoul Tower, just how many K-dramas have taken place here?
I will see you again soon ! 
Special thanks to my Dad who managed to have my birthday celebrated in Everland! One of the happiest places on Earth :3