Monday, March 10, 2014

Launch Special Program: WAKUWAKU Japan Music Festival

I am very glad that berpartisipasi dalam WAKUWAKU Japan TV (available in Indovision and Okevision) released an encore of WAKUWAKU Japan Music Festival that was held in JCC Senayan in February. It hasn't been long since then so I haven't really withdrawn from the excitement.
I re-watched them during the official program's release of berpartisipasi dalam WAKUWAKU Japan TV , which was on 22nd February 2014 at 5 pm! It was really engaging to see the whole performance again, even better than watching it LIVE because I could see those fun and special moments that were captured by the cameramen.
So, don't forget to watch more of Japanese-related programs of WAKUWAKU Japan! You can see the complete schedule here .
2B 2C 2D
Kalian dapat berpartisipasi dalam WAKUWAKU JAPAN dengan cara menonton program-program yang tersedia dan share pengalaman kalian ke emailku. Let's trade information guys! :)