Saturday, September 29, 2012

Review - The Goods Diner

DSC_8865 This will be a new kind of post on my blog, a review on every restaurants I visited to eat. And for today I will review The Goods Diner, a restaurant which looks like the 40s and 50s era in New York City, and a sibling of The Goods Dept and The Goods Cafe. My dad also ordered another fried rice which I could not take a shot of because when it was laid on the table by the servant, my dad directly took a spoon. And yeah I did not take any pictures of the drinks I ordered because none were attractive enough. I won't say much, all of the dishes here are super yummy. My parents are quite picky when it comes to food and they said they like it very much. I gave The Goods Diner 10 out of 10. So do have a visit to The Goods Diner =) DSC_8864 DSC_8884 DSC_8869 Caesar Salad - IDR 40.000 DSC_8874 Nasi Goreng Kampoeng - IDR 45.000 DSC_8873 Mac & Cheese - IDR 50.000 DSC_8883 
Sausage Benedict - IDR 55.000
The Goods Diner
SCBD Lot 14th
Phone: (021) 5152969