Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 - Day 6: BRI presents Luxurious Modesty

Wanted to tell you that a show with many designers at once was really tiring... You need to hold on your camera for approximately an hour and you need to capture good shots at least, except if you use a tripod it will be easier but I'm not a tripod kind-of-girl ;p lucky me, everyone was so nice to me, they shared their chairs for me at some point of time. We only got around 10 to 15 minutes to rest and buy food...
Ronald V Gaghana showed his romantic side on the collection by having roses for the design of the fabric. Nonetheless the face of dragon also showed up which gave a masculinity feel. I think every pieces of his collection gave a statement on each look.
Irna Mutiara used yellow as the main color of her collection. Some people said that yellow does not give an appealing and sexy feel, so I assume that the collection is meant to look lovely and calm in a serenity way!
I deeply in love with Monika Jufry collection, gorgeous and elegant! Who can say NO to sequins on dresses? It is really eye-catchy and suitable to be worn to weddings or parties! She used One Direction's song that I think is very relevant and connected to her collection. Check out the video below to know what was the song used ;)
Itang Yunasz has always been known as a professional when it comes to Moslem apparels and I think his collection says it all! I love the fact that he used floral as the theme, with a touch of black color. Floral always gives a sense of beauty while black gives a mysterious impression, major love!
Elements by Ronald V Gaghana DSC_1649 DSC_1642 DSC_1632 DSC_1639 Irna Mutiara
DSC_1601 DSC_1603 DSC_1614 DSC_1605
The Busy pretty by Monika Jufry DSC_1579 DSC_1586 DSC_1592 DSC_1588 Itang Yunasz
DSC_1551 DSC_1556 DSC_1560 DSC_1565