Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jakarta Fashion Week - Day 6: Ardistia New York

Actually I am not really aware of Ardistia New York until I received their invitation for JFW. I was excited to watch the show and expected some New York kind-of-style apparels from the collection. And my expectation was fulfilled, all of the apparels represent how the citizens of New York look like - basic clothing with a total comfort because usually people in NYC walk a lot, and the headphones completed the whole look! I really love how the outerwears look like because of the unique cutting and drapes, go get them because you can never go wrong with basic apparels ;D
By the way, this is one of the first shows at the Fashion Loft. Some of you might have known that the Fashion Tent was totally damaged due to the strong wind and rain. The story was very tragic. So it was a fine morning with a bright sun, suddenly when the models were ready to showcase the collection of ESMOD Jakarta, the rain fell down. We thought it will stop because it was not so heavy, but suddenly the tent could not stand it anymore, and the rain came inside the tent.I freaking saw a waterfall when I was at the backstage, helping out the collection... Everyone were told to go outside of the tent for a safety reason. The electronics were malfunctioning so the lights could not turn on. Some gadgets like laptop was broken because the rain fell onto it. It was the second day of JFW, and some shows were postponed to next week, and some shows were moved to the Fashion Atrium. We were all trying to apologize to the guests who have come to watch the show, what else could we do.. It was truly unexpected and we could not fight with mother nature right. Thankfully everything was okay at the end :)
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