Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013 - Day 6: Lenny Agustin

PAPER GARDEN by Lenny Agustin 
I feel so blissful to have the privilege to capture the collection of the sweetest lady, Lenny Agustin, which we all know that she is one of the well-known designers that always surprise us with her originality and creativity.
Taking Paper Garden as the title of the collection, we can easily conclude that the collection is inspired by origami papers and these dresses are so cute to the core. You all might know that I am not the type of a feminine girl who will dress up like this but I think this is an exception, I would gladly want to wear this to a party! Make one for you and be ready to be asked "Where on earth you got it from?"
At the end of the stage, the models were posing like a moving doll and it was kinda funny to see them! I have a hard time to pick out which one are my favorite dresses and these all are, there are more but I think it will be too much if I put all of them. There are a lot of plaids for the pattern of the dresses, which actually remind me of my city's new governor and vice governor! I wonder if she is inspired by them as well. And one more thing to catch up, those shoes with vivid and bold colors are giving an eyegasm to my eyes. They are really pretty and I'd love to take all of them to be mine, put a huge clashing-colors bow on your hair and you are ready to go!
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