Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fashion Xchange: Part 1

First of all, I am sorry for the bad shots because this is my first trial to take pictures with my new camera at that time and I still did not understand the functions really well. I've tried to fix it but it can't change a lot because it is already in jpeg files. Canon is so different with Nikon. So pardon me!
Fashion Xchange is a new store in Plaza Indonesia Extention (re: EX), the concept is to bring as many as local stores or local brands to sell their clothes! And just before the launching of the store, they held a fashion show to showcase some of the brands' collection. 
So yeah, don't forget to visit their stores at EX! :)
I truly love the simplicity of the collection.. I see them as a working apparel but they are really chic and fashion forward. So who says you can't be fashionable at office? Obviously you can! I reaaally love the edgy and modern cutting and the application of monochromatic colors!
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I love the fact that even though they play with water colors kind of fabrics, the image of the whole collection is still what Major Minor is all about! Elegant and mature, that is how I always see Major Minor as. I truly love the tops, skirts, and dresses - truly versatile and comfortable to wear!
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Still with the holiday and sailor-ish touch, Cotton Ink comes with a collection full of patterns (I don't know what the pattern is called), I think the clothes have grown more mature but are still playful because of the jewelries, bags, and shoes! And it is also going with the stripes trend, I love.
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