Sunday, March 31, 2013

Fashion Xchange: Part 2

First of all, I am sorry for the bad shots because this is my first trial to take pictures with my new camera at that time and I still did not understand the functions really well. I've tried to fix it but it can't change a lot because it is already in jpeg files. Canon is so different with Nikon. So pardon me!
Fashion Xchange is a new store in Plaza Indonesia Extention (re: EX), the concept is to bring as many as local stores or local brands to sell their clothes! And just before the launching of the store, they held a fashion show to showcase some of the brands' collection. 
So yeah, don't forget to visit their stores at EX! :) 
3D by Tri Handoko and Dave Hendrik
I really fall in love with their collection, especiall the outerwears! I see their collection as when funky meets quirky. Truly loving the well made shirts, very neat and clean!
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I really love the collection because every pieces are simply a statement! I think it really shows the independence of a woman. And what to say when they use leather - I CAN'T. The cutting is very smart too!
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When I see the collection, I think it represents the brand's name - yup, the Tangled! Look at their collection and the cutting is complicated, in a good way of course. The use of colors and the cutting are not even and asymmetric so I think it really suits the name of the brand! And I looove it, the collection is really fresh and very.. Different!
I really love CIEL!! I know their collection doesn't suit me, yet. But I always love to see what they sell in the stores! Their statement necklaces, tops, skirts, dresses, leggings, and heels are just a pure perfection. And they always use my favorite colors, the not so bright and not so dark kind of colors. Bravo CIEL!
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