Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Ivan Gunawan

What to say about Ivan Gunawan.. Hmm, he has always been on my top list of favorite designers since ever! His collection is always different from time to time, I can never expect what will come from the backstage. But the thing I'm always sure of is that he always brings out the inner beauty of a woman through his stunning dresses. 
Inspired by his trip to Mandar, a city in West Sulawesi, he decided to apply a handmade traditional silk fabric originally from Mandar for this collection. He made those beautiful and colorful fabrics into a feminine, eclectic, and chic collection. If you pay attention, the shade of color gets darker - I suppose there was 3 different sequence. It was cheerful at the beginning, and suddenly it gets mysteriously feminine. I love those black net statement hats so much. THUMBS UP. 
1D9A2677 1D9A2681 1D9A2679 1D9A2687 1D9A2684 1D9A2696 1D9A2703 1D9A2706 1D9A2710 1D9A2713 1D9A2716 1D9A2721 1D9A2723 1D9A2727 1D9A2736 1D9A2741 1D9A2747