Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Stylopedia

First of all I'd like to inform that Stylopedia is a parade show that features more than 20 designers. And here are some of them, my top favorites!
BIMA by Stephanus Hamy
1D9A2177 1D9A2184 1D9A2190 1D9A2194 1D9A2207
This reminds me of a Japanasey look because of the wrapped belt. However, as always, he represents Indonesia onto his collection, talking about the colorful and eyecatchy prints. I think this set of collection is perfect for the youth!
1D9A2390 1D9A2393 1D9A2396 1D9A2397 1D9A2400 1D9A24021D9A2404
I think lace and laser cut have been my favorite items! I can never get enough of them, even though I am not a very feminine kind of person, they still look very pretty to me. I really love these dresses, it reminds me of a modern version of kebaya. The cutting is very sleek and so feminine, and I like it very much!
1D9A2503 1D9A2504 1D9A2505
Gold and white, when a strong and a pure color are combined, it as well represents both boldness and purity - that is how I see the dresses speak. The cutting makes it looks prominent, and the use of fabrics and accessories such as fur, sheer, tulle, etc add a graceful spark!
1D9A2529 1D9A2531 1D9A2538 1D9A2540
The collection reminds me of the Elizabethan era - due to the neckline and puffed sleeves! It looks like a kingdom-inspired dresses but not really exaggerated. Anyhow those dresses truly look classy and expensive, looking closer into it I do not find a slight error or mistake. I think they are just perfect cus I'm speechless actually!
1D9A2557 1D9A2558 1D9A2562 1D9A2567
I don't know how long did it take to make these very-detailed dresses. The embroideries and sewing must have taken a long time because it was sewed perfectly the last time I checked! I am happy that there are still a lot of designers are not much affected by the global era and still made use of Indonesia rich culture into their fabulous collection!
1D9A2571 1D9A2575 1D9A2578 1D9A2579 1D9A2581
Very sophisticated and chic, these dresses really are! I truly adore every pieces - with the silver lining that makes the collection does not look plain and boring. And I love how the belt enhance the models' body line and the hemline of the dresses!
BLOSSOM by Defrico Audy
1D9A2605 1D9A2606 1D9A2609 1D9A2610 1D9A2611 1D9A2616
You know that the color palette of this collection is totally me - not too bright and not too dark. I really think these dresses are very much perfect for a just-matured woman. I truthfully love how the dresses flow gracefully, and the details are too pretty I CAN'T BREATH.
ALLURE (RIK) by Phillip Iswardono
1D9A2630 1D9A2631 1D9A2635
When basics meet outerwears with extraordinary cutting, SIMPLY LOVE IT. I think the collection looks very professional and are appropriate for both work-wear and daily-wear, since the colors are in a dark shade!
AURORA by Harry Ibrahim
1D9A2657 1D9A2658 1D9A2659 1D9A2660 1D9A2665 1D9A2664 1D9A2667 1D9A2669
Shine bright like a diamond by using these glittery dresses! The collection reminds me of mermaids, because of the headpiece that looks like a coral under the sea. And the use of colors as well, don't they remind you of The Little Mermaid? ;) Anyhow I really love the cutting - very unusual yet so enchanting! NUMERO UNO.