Sunday, May 26, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Denny Wirawan

I think the collection is very sophisticated and glamorous! I really love the beautiful structure that is represented from the dress and outerwear. The colors applied are also outstanding - using gold, brown, dark purple, and gray altogether brings a deluxe and elegant harmony. I am in love with the insignificant yet alluring prints in a faded color, so pretty. And the 3D artworks are just gorgeous! 
BALI JAVA by Denny Wirawan
1D9A3000 1D9A3003 1D9A3006 1D9A3010 1D9A3016 1D9A3022 1D9A3024 1D9A3026 1D9A3029 1D9A3043 1D9A3048 1D9A3055 1D9A3060