Sunday, May 26, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Melinda Looi Couture

I think these dresses are traditional in a graceful and refined way! I truly adore how the eye-catchy colors like red, yellow, brown, and lime are combined together and making each of the dresses look bold and daring. Even so, I think the shape and construction of the dresses are very feminine and lovely. The unique accessories such as stacks of bracelets and necklaces, turbans, fringes, and horns complete the whole look. And last, I love the nature-kind of prints, so many beautiful elements are on these dresses! 
1D9A2957 1D9A2961 1D9A2969 1D9A2972 1D9A2976 1D9A2977 1D9A2979 1D9A2981 1D9A2984 1D9A2986 1D9A2988 1D9A2993