Monday, May 13, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Jeanny Ang Couture

I totally fall in love with these nouveau accent dresses, they are so pretty. And using color blocking with these dresses make them look even prettier and more attractive. I love how youthful these dresses are! And the choice of platform shoes is perfect, they don't look too mature. Playing with laces and beads judge how soft and delicate these dresses are!

BLOSSOMS by Jeanny Ang Couture
1D9A2847 1D9A2850 1D9A2860 1D9A2869 1D9A2875 1D9A2892 1D9A2885 1D9A2913 1D9A2905 1D9A2919 1D9A2916 1D9A2936 1D9A2947