Monday, May 13, 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 1: Kraton Auguste Soesastro

I know that these apparels are simple but this is such a big score! Such an effortless collection, but the structure is so amazing, I really love it. At first it was all dark colors and suddenly there was this fuchsia and bright orange coming up, such a perfection. I literally want everything from the collection - blouses, pants, dresses, blazers, and scarfs. Everything is superbly made. 
1D9A2754 1D9A2757 1D9A2760 1D9A2763 1D9A2767 1D9A2770 1D9A2776 1D9A2777 1D9A2781 1D9A2784 1D9A2787 1D9A2790 1D9A2799 1D9A2812 1D9A2827 1D9A2833 1D9A2837