Sunday, May 05, 2013

Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week 2013 - Day 2: VALENTINO

Delicate and sweet as forever, Valentino catches my heart all over again! *exaggerating* From black, nude, green, pink, and red - the dresses do not describe anything less than beauty. Even the studded green clutch looks lovely instead of edgy, because it is Valentino! I really really want to grab myself those peplum dresses and mesh-top dresses, they are pure perfection. And the hair bun look that is on trend right now, completes the whole look perfectly. 
1D9A0327 1D9A0354 1D9A0359 1D9A0367 1D9A0382 1D9A0391 1D9A0398 1D9A0405 1D9A0414 1D9A0429 1D9A0442 1D9A0455 1D9A0461