Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Vietnam – Timeless Charm

Last July I went to Vietnam with my family. Before we start, I'm sorry for the delay of post; I have been forgetting to sort out and edit the pictures until today. Vietnam is totally hot, not just its weather, but also their dishes. It took just 2 days for me to catch a sore throat. But everything was worth it. The scenery that I saw was beautiful indeed, especially Ha Long Bay. The government did an excellent job in taking care of tourist places, everything seemed clean and all. 
What I love the most from Vietnam is its food. They are exceptionally delicious, like seriously. I eat like every second there. Ate Phos for approximately 6 times a day. I miss Vietnam's legit Phos, Icecreams, Seafoods, Vegetables, Dimsums, Noodles, Dry Mangos, and everything that I ate there. Bring me back there mum and dad!
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Legit Pho :)
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Sissies teehee
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Le Brother hahaha
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Le Familia ♥
Chillin at the Ha Long Bay's so-called cruise ;)