Wednesday, April 09, 2014

WakuWaku Japan TV: The Perfect Summer Burn!

TE 1
What first attracted me to watch The Alfee - Yokohama Perfect Burn concert on WAKUWAKU JAPAN was because of the 3 different stereotype style that each personnel offers. The Alfee has debuted since 1974, way before I was born! 
From what I saw while watching the concert, the guitarist was more of a chill type, the drummer was charismatic in his solitary way, where as the lead vocalist was full of expression and seemed very cheerful (he even got a Donald Duck guitar!). 
They truly got so many fans.. But no wonder though, because their songs are really easy to get along and very fun! The members also interacted a lot to their fans who did an amazing job, how could they did all of the movements in solidarity? My favorite moment was when the lead vocalist shot gas with a jumbo shotgun!!! Watch them now at WAKUWAKU JAPAN :D
TE 2 TE 3 TE 4 TE 5 TE 6
Thank you WAKUWAKU JAPAN for airing this boyband who has been existing for more than 35 years!