Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My Beauty Essential

Last two weeks during Senayan City's Fashion Nation, Wardah Beauty held a gathering and a fashion show simultaneously. If you followed my Twitter and Instagram, you must've seen a few sneak peeks of the event or the product. Now, I will completely review both of them.
So basically, Wardah has just launched a range of beauty products that mostly focus on eyes, which is called EyeXpert by Wardah. By the name you can tell that they are meant to beautify your eyes, and I believe that a pair of woman's eyes is one of God's greatest gift. I was lucky enough to get the product range as a gift :)
DSC_0738 DSC_0728
On the right-hand side is the gel eyeliner and the other one is the liquid eyeliner. I prefer the gel one compared to the liquid's because the gel's is less soggy, but both of them dry in instant!
Here is the eyeshadow set, lovely colors isn't it? Mix them all and you will get the White Queen of Alice in Wonderland feel.
I know eyes are important, but lips is just as one! From Barbie to Kardashian colors, all available in one set. What else do you need?
Yummy cupcake with Wardah's eyeliner mascot as the decoration!
Thank you Wardah for the useful beauty lesson and fun gathering!