Thursday, April 24, 2014

WakuWaku Japan TV: Mint Jazz Tokyo

The best afternoon of my version is by watching TV while munching on Green Tea or Kimchi popcorn, my current favorite channel is WAKUWAKU JAPAN! I remember spending a chill time watching Mint Jazz on WAKUWAKU JAPAN.
Mint Jazz starts in Tokyo and it has become the best Jazz club in Japan that showcases the best Jazz musicians in town. It is also a platform that highlights the rising and talented Jazz musicians. They also have an interview session during the performance.
My personal favorite musician is Isao Suzuki, he has been existing in the industry since 1973 till now! One of his well-known musics is the OMA Sound, which I think is very relaxing, just like how Jazz needs to be. I think he really has the power to enrich a person through his delicate music!
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Coming to a more contemporary music, my favorite musician is Yukiko Onishi. I can't deny that her look and clothing totally represent Harajuku. I think her songs are mostly energetic and full of emotions, my personal favorite is Lover Come Back To Me.
Has your curiosity begun? Check out WAKUWAKU JAPAN channel on Indovision or Okevision now, because Japan has so many to tell!