Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I Love Taimei, I really do.

Whoever follows my Instagram must have already known that I am a major foodie. I love to eat (almost) everything, from traditional to modern dishes. When I'm upset, the only boost that can cheer me up instantly is a good plate of food.
One of my favorite food is Taiwanese snacks. I am so glad that more and more branches are coming to Indonesia. The recent one is I Love Taimei, a branch from Singapore. At first I thought it was an ice-cream corner because of its lovey-dovey interior; though apparently, it serves one of the best Taiwanese snacks and bubble teas in town. Scroll down for more reviews! ;)
1B 1C
Left: Super Caramel Milk with Sago & Grass Jelly - IDR 28.000
Right: Mango Popz - IDR 22.000
Both are very refreshing and they are very generous with the filling! :3
My ultimate favorite here: Chicken Skin!!!
The fluffy Sweet Potato that balances all the flavor. <3
BBQ Crispy Chicken - IDR 32.000
Very CRUNCHY. Loving the sauce so badly.
Taimei Chicken Thigh - IDR 32.000
I remember that this was the first one I tasted because of the cute box! I finished them in just 3 minutes I guess? Totally yummy in the tummy.
This is the complete menu to guide you what to order before coming. I recommend you everything :p
Don't forget to visit I Love Taimei at Tribeca Central Park mall, Upper Ground floor! :)