Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WakuWaku Japan TV: Listen To My Heart

Listen to My Heart
Everyone in this entire universe must have their own definition of "me-time". One of mine is to watch movies on TV, in which my current favorite channel is WAKUWAKU JAPAN TV. Recently I just watched a Japanese film that involves both drama and romance - my favorite genre! The title is Listen To My Heart.
Listen To My Heart tells a story about Mao, a radio DJ. Mao's dad is gone during a condition where both of them are not in one harmony. Thus Mao starts a program called "Love Letters from the Drawer", which is inspired by her own experience after reading the letter from his late dad. The mission of the program is to help out people who can't express their true feeling to their loved ones. Mao thinks that a simple message like "I'm Sorry" and "Thank You" is very crucial and she wants to motivate people to express them before it is too late. Everyone has a drawer in their heart that holds precious thoughts that they want to express, but cannot. Though, Mao stands by those people and helps them to create a miracle.
I really think that Listen To My Heart is a heart-breaking movie so prepare a box of tissue. It will make you realize how powerful are your loved ones in your life. I totally recommend this, it is a movie where you can relate to and learn from. Check out more review at WAKUWAKU JAPAN :)
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