Friday, May 23, 2014

WakuWaku Japan TV: Tokyo Fashion News

Whoever says Tokyo fashion is solely about Harajuku and those seems-too-much looks, are totally wrong. At least Tokyo Fashion News of WAKUWAKU JAPAN will explain you about it. From street style to makeup tips! I am very glad that finally, a fashion-related program is available in WAKUWAKU JAPAN; now they literally have everything.
Tokyo is an endless fashion inspiration for me. You can find a lot of insights on edgy, quirky, girly, laid-back, and classy style. I remember when I had a vacation in Tokyo back then, everyone was extremely fashionable; to the point that they dressed up like there is no tomorrow. Now you don't need to go a long way to Japan to see more of them, as Tokyo Fashion News will cover it up. Watch it on WAKUWAKU JAPAN!
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Are you excited as I am to watch more of Tokyo inspirational fashion street? Stay tune on WAKUWAKU JAPAN every day (Channel 168 Indovision or Channel 32 Okevision) ;)