Friday, June 27, 2014

Be(You)Tiful by Mitha Komala

New York is a city with people who dress up effortlessly yet they look very modest and chic. They are never too much, nor less. Filled with art-deco buildings, New York has become one of the world's must-to-go city. Inspired with how the people dress, I present my photography and styling.
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Other than the shoot, I created a video too! Read the story:
Jessica is a young woman who is very passionate in anything visuals. She applies make-up, wears pretty dresses, gets inspired and inspires people. 
One day, her friend sent her a LINE message; asking her to hang out. She was finding an outfit inspiration and came across Letters To Juliet blog; where she found a lot of feminine outfits - that was very different compared to her style. But she has always been an open-minded person, and thus she decided to give it a shot. 
Who knows, she turns into one beautiful woman who is ready to shine.
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