Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jakarta Fashion Week 2013: Day 8 - Backstage of ESMOD Jakarta

I went to backstage during ESMOD showcase because I was in charge to be one of their fitters. Wow it was so hectic, I remember it very clearly. Right after those models stepped into the backstage, they directly changed clothes. It went by so fast and it was really confusing about who we should help first because everybody was asking for their next clothes. But the models were independent and they can use the clothes themselves, but the shoes were a big problem though, some shoes need to be tied really tightly so they won't slip on the stage; and also, some shoes' platform were really slippery so we need to put multiple tapes on them. It was exhausting and I prefer to take shots actually. But I do not regret the experience, definitely. So yeah, thank you very much for the ESMOD team and designers for having me that day. :)
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