Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Scent of A Woman

Life doesn't always go as what you planned or as what you thought. In every stage of life, you need to surpass a seemingly endless obstacle. Be it in friends, love life, work, or family.
People you enjoy hanging out with talks behind your back, people you can't live without can live without you, what you enjoy doing doesn't always give you benefit, people you wholeheartedly trust betray you, and the list goes on.
It makes life seems difficult, doesn't it? But, believe me, keep doing and planting good deeds because there is 1 person who puts all His belief on you, who sticks with you throughout the whole process, and that is God.
No matter what religion you carry, I believe you deserve love. I believe you will receive more when you started giving.
DSC_0015 DSC_0282 DSC_0305
You guys might have known that I'm a massive fan of nail-art. For those who asked, I never did them by myself because I can't really draw properly.
A week ago, De Fleur Nail Art contacted me that she would do my nails. Without further ado, I definitely said yes! Starting from IDR 40.000, they serve by appointment or they can also create fake nails. Check out De Fleur Nail Art for more beautiful creation!
Asos top, Zara skirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs bracelet, Valentino bag, Christian Louboutin heels

Thursday, April 03, 2014

My Beauty Essential

Last two weeks during Senayan City's Fashion Nation, Wardah Beauty held a gathering and a fashion show simultaneously. If you followed my Twitter and Instagram, you must've seen a few sneak peeks of the event or the product. Now, I will completely review both of them.
So basically, Wardah has just launched a range of beauty products that mostly focus on eyes, which is called EyeXpert by Wardah. By the name you can tell that they are meant to beautify your eyes, and I believe that a pair of woman's eyes is one of God's greatest gift. I was lucky enough to get the product range as a gift :)
DSC_0738 DSC_0728
On the right-hand side is the gel eyeliner and the other one is the liquid eyeliner. I prefer the gel one compared to the liquid's because the gel's is less soggy, but both of them dry in instant!
Here is the eyeshadow set, lovely colors isn't it? Mix them all and you will get the White Queen of Alice in Wonderland feel.
I know eyes are important, but lips is just as one! From Barbie to Kardashian colors, all available in one set. What else do you need?
Yummy cupcake with Wardah's eyeliner mascot as the decoration!
Thank you Wardah for the useful beauty lesson and fun gathering!

Review: Japanese Cuisine

If you are a follower of my Instagram, you would know that I love food, so much I can't even describe. When I was browsing through WAKUWAKU JAPAN schedule on their website, I noticed a picture of a man eating a Japanese set, I directly read the description and apparently it was a documentary drama. I was super excited to watch it!
So the first launch was on 2nd April 2014. It was about the story of a man named Inogashira Goro, who privately runs an imported dry goods business. In his spare time between work, he visits various shops and tastes their cuisine. The shops that appear in it are all real shops geared towards a general public. Matsushige himself is not very expressive and his character isn’t necessarily charismatic, but the real stars of the drama are the different dishes shown in every episode. Kodoku no Gurume is currently in its third season, but don't worry WAKUWAKU JAPAN is currently starring its second season and you can watch it on Thursday-Friday at 04.30-05.00 a.m. or 14.30-15.00 p.m.
Trust me, in half an hour, it will make you drool over those ramen, bento, okonomiyaki, set meal, authentic sushi, etc! So check out WAKUWAKU JAPAN now :D
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